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Rebecca Jerozolim

Clinical Supervisor

Rebecca is an accomplished clinical social worker with 14-years of experience, working with both adults and children, she has become a sought-after professional in the realm of mental health and well-being. Specializing in therapeutic modalities such as EMDR, CBT, ACT, sand therapy, and play therapy, Rebecca employs a holistic and innovative approach to address the diverse needs of her clients. Her commitment to fostering positive change and emotional healing has earned her a reputation as a compassionate and effective practitioner in the realm of clinical social work.

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Elana (Ashley) Fuchs

Licensed Psychotherapist

Elana Fuchs, LMSW, is an experienced clinical social worker, working with a diverse range of populations including children, adolescents, adults, and parents in a variety of settings. Elana works with individuals in situations of crisis, struggle, and everyday growth to help them develop well-adapted and emotionally secure mindsets with healthy interpersonal connections. To meet the varying needs of clients, Elana utilizes a range of individualized modalities informed by CBT, IFS, and mindfulness as well as talk play, art, and sand therapy. Elana’s work is focused on a strong therapeutic relationship that is rooted in openness, compassion, trust, and acceptance. In this context, Elana guides clients on path of self-discovery and development to empower them to heal, grow, and achieve their goals.


Tal Genachowski

Licensed Psychotherapist

Tal Genachowski, LMSW, is dedicated to treating and empowering her clients. With 10 years of experience, she specializes in supporting children, adolescents, and young adults struggling with anxiety, depression, ADHD, self-esteem, social skills, relationships, life transitions, and grief, while collaborating with their parents and school support staff. Tal creates a secure space for each client's unique journey. Using mindfulness, CBT, play, art, sand, and talk therapy, she guides individuals towards healing and growth, emphasizing their strengths and self-discovery. She exemplifies compassion and care and works hard to support her clients in the way they need most.


Michali Goldfeder

Licensed Psychotherapist

Michali is a clinician dedicated to creating a safe and judgement free space where her clients can authentically work towards their goals. With experience working with children, adolescents and adults, Michali’s focus is on the therapeutic relationship where she works with the client to overcome obstacles, promote self-awareness, and empower her clients to effectively gain tools and navigate challenges. While working with anxiety, depression, and trauma, Michali uses an eclectic approach to meet each client’s needs, with the goal of fostering a compassionate and encouraging environment where her clients feel understood and can develope a deeper awareness of emotions, thoughts and behaviors. Michali supports her clients through each step of the way towards feeling like the best version of themselves.


Alisa Lasky

Licensed Psychotherapist

Alisa is an accomplished clinical social worker with 20 years of experience working with children, adolescents and young adults. She uses various therapeutic modalities such as CBT, ACT, play therapy and sand therapy. Alisa works with clients towards facilitating positive change and emotional well-being, as well as enhancing their coping skills and strengthening interpersonal relationships. Alisa works with a range of issues, from anxiety and depression, social skills and family challenges, including grief, divorce, parent-child conflict and parenting difficulties.

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